JetBlasts - Jet-14 Class Association Newsletter

The Jet-14 Class Association produces a quarterly newsletter that recaps past regattas, highlights fleets and members, lists boats for sail, and provides a source of news and editorials relavent to the class.  Although distributed irregularly over the past 10 years, the class has committed to making the JetBlasts a regular addition to your U.S. and digital mailboxes.  If you have any contributions to the newsletter, please send them along to the JetBlasts editor.

LATEST EDITION (August, 2020)


2020 3q

Racing again after COVID
In Memoriam
Member Profiles


2019 2q

2019 3q

Trimming Tips
NC Regatta Recaps
Cleveland RW Results

SSA Nationals
LNYC Regattas
Halloween Classic


 2018 1q 2018 3q   2018 4q
US Sailing Leadership
Southern Confort

Nationals Recap
Halloween Classic
Annual Meeting Report
Fleet Building Tips
Jet-14 History
(Jet #84 pictured)


2017 1q   2017 2q  2017 3q
Southern Comfort Results
Restoring Jet #444

Nationals Preview (EYC)
Mohican Chiefs Recap
Cleveland Race Week
Nationals Recap
Building a Florida fleet
Ohio Regatta Reports


2016 3q   2016 4q
Barbehenn wins #20
District III Champs
Updated Tuning Guide
Halloween Classic
Mainsail tuning
Restoring #444 (Part I)


2007 1q  2007 2q  2007 4q 
Return of Packanack Regatta
Konigsburg Regatta
Greg Fisher on 2006 Nationals
Chesapeake Frostbiting
Island Heights Nats Preview
Jet Promotion Report

Island Heights Nationals Recap
President's Cup Recap
Allen Boat Company
Year of Restored Boats


 2006 1q  2006 2q 2006 4q 
SSA JetFrost Racing
Chapel Thrill Lessons Learned
Tips from Brad Read

Jet-14 Marketing Update
SSA Scouting Report
Spring Thaw Recap
Fleet Reports
Nationals Recap
Remembering Howie Ungemach
Peter Jones Remembers 1978
Nationals as a Junior Sailor


 2005 1q 2005 2q  2005 3q 
Mary and Howie Ungemach
Heavy Air Chapel Thrill
Sailing in Chop (B. Barbehenn)
Mike Gemperline Interview

Meet Kate and Max
Pines Lake Regatta
Wren Regatta Recap
Cleveland Race Week

Barbehenn Wins 10th Nationals
Mentesana on Sailing #1144
21 Boats at Halloween Classic
Mayfield Hosts First Regatta
Ben Stock on Crewing


2004 1q   2004 2q  2004 4q
Tampa Midwinters Recap
Getting a New Boat
SSA JetFrost Updates
All About Chevrons
Nationals Preview (Edgewater)
Sail Newport Preview
McKenna on Frostbiting

Nationals Recap
Konigsburg Regatta
McMurray -Potomac Challenge


2003 2q   2003 4q
Fleet Reports
Silver Chevron Regatta
Atlantic Coast Championship
Krafft on First Nationals
District III at Saratoga
NJ Regatta Recaps
Junior Champion T. Joudrey