How to Find and Buy a Jet-14

You've seen the press release, you've seen it at a boat show, you've borrowed a boat for a couple of Sunday races, and now you're hooked. How can you find a Jet-14 to own? There are several options.

1. Buy a new Jet-14

The Allen Boat Company is now building new Jet-14s. These "Millenium Jets" exhibit the latest in technology and rigging design to give you a responsive and comfortable ride. And they are fast! Final delivery price is determined when your boat is delivered, but Allen Jets can be purchased fully rigged for about $9300, including everything except trailer and sails. This is quite a bargain compared to new boats in many other One Design classes.

If you are still not convinced, you are welcome to contact our Class secretary, who will put you in touch with members who have already purchased a new Millennium Jet. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Or you are welcome to contact the boat builder directly:

Allen Boat Company
370 Babcock St.
Buffalo, NY 14206
(716) 842-0800

2. Buy a used Jet-14

The Class Association maintains an active list of used boats for sale on our website. Prices and quality have a very big range. We try to include several pictures so that you quickly determine if a boat is something you are looking for. In general, current asking prices tend to break down along these lines:

$0-$800 Jet-14$0 - < $800 : Boats that have been sitting around a long time and need a lot of TLC. Hulls may have holes or areas of rot. Rigging is typically old school, circa 1970s. Masts are either wood or older aluminum (DM-2). DM-2 masts are generally less desirable for racing conditions. Trailers may not be included, and any sails will be probably be dish rags. These are generally project boats.

$800-$2000 Jet-14$800-$2000 : Most of these boats could sail right now. In fact, you could probably find some very good wood or glass hulls in this price range. Rigging may be modern or out of date. It is common to find DM-2 masts on these boats. Without updating rigging or sails, most of these boats could be competitive in club races. Some boats may be a little heavy (15+ lbs. over class mimimum). Occasionally you can find a gem in this price range. Jet #1093, a quality Dubdam hull with updated rigging and a DM-1 (desirable) mast, sold for $1800 a few years ago.

$2000-$5000 Jet-14$2000-$5000 : Almost all boats in this price range could be competitive racing sloops at the time of purchase. You will find a lot of restored wooden hulls with DM-1 masts and modern rigging. Glass boats that were new in the last 15 or 20 years will usually sell in this range. Most boats will be near minimum weight. If you are interested in being immediately competitive in regional and national regattas, then you will probably want a boat in this range.

$5000-$9000 Jet-14$5000 - $9000 : Almost all boats in this price range are modern glass boats, near minimum weight, stiff hulls, DM-1 masts, modern rigging, and purchased new within the last 10 years. You may also find some spectacular restorations in this price range. They will all come with everything you need, including trailer and sails. All would have been actively sailed in recent years. You will be fast in these boats.

All of the current listings for used Jet-14 boats can be found on our classifieds page.

3. Find your own Jet-14

The class maintains a list of "Lost" Jet-14 boats - contact the class secretary to inquire. These are boats owned by former members who have dropped off the class radar. Many lost boats can be found in areas where our Class used to have fleets. They tend to be clustered around eastern New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, and many pockets in the southeast U.S. The Class Association has made a push in recent years to find as many of these boats as possible, so to make available to potential sailors. Our Class officers can assist you in finding boats in your area. Or you may prefer to make some calls yourself.  Occasionally Jets can be found on Craigslist too.

We are glad that you are interested in owning a Jet-14 and are happy to assist you in any way!