2019 Jet-14 Regatta Results

Choose a regatta below to view the results.  National events are bold faced.  Note that all members are welcome to attend regional and district regattas in addition to the national events.  

Regatta results should be submitted to the webmaster and posted to the national list if possible.



Southern Comfort Classic (May 4-5)


Mohican Chiefs Regatta (May 25-26)


Irey Memorial Regatta (June 1-2) 


Cleveland Race Week (June 15-16)

 Silver Chevron

Governor's Cup (June 15-16)


Wren Regatta (June 23)  

Independence Day Regatta (July 6-7)


Lorain One Design (July 20)


Gravy Bowl Regatta (July 21)

 District I Championship

District IV Championships (Aug. 3-4)

District IV Championship

Women/Junior Nationals (Aug. 7)


National Championships (Aug. 8-10)

National Championships

Labor Day Regatta (Aug. 31-Sept. 1)

 Atlantic Coast Champ.
District III Championship

Chili Bowl (Sept. 14) 


Halloween Classic (Oct. 12-13)