Millenium Jet 14

millenium1 sAllen Boat Company prefers to offer complete boats but will produce a Jet to your specifications from bare hull to race ready. There are many color combinations to choose from as well.

Allen Boat Company has produced several new Jet 14 rudders as well.

A complete price sheet with ala carte items and packages will be out by early spring.

Now is the time to order your new Jet 14 just in time for the spring series!

Contact Allen Boat Company directly for pricing and details:

Allen Boat Company
370 Babcock St.
Buffalo NY 14206, USA

Phone: (716) 842-0800
Fax: (716) 842-0113

millenium2 sPhotos here are of Jet #1156, a new hull built for one of our members. For more information or to arrange purchase, contact:

Tom Allen
Allen Boat Company
(716) 842-0800