Articles and Docs

Offical Class Documents

pdfJet-14 Bylaws (2008)77.21 KB

pdfJet-14 Specifications (2008)1.42 MB

Measurement Rulings (6/3/2003)

Updated Measurement Specifications (Effective Feb. 1, 2017)

JetBlasts - Official Class Newsletter

pdf2014 Annual Meeting Minutes (Aug. 15, 2014)93.17 KB

Go Fast Articles

Winning in the Jet-14 (From 1996, Various Contributors)

Jet-14 Speed Guide (2002, Dirk Schwenk and Contributors)

Upwind: Waves, wake, and flat water (2003, Dirk Schwenk)

Jet-14 Set Up and Tuning (Greg Fisher)

The Vang: How Much is Too Much? (D. Schwenk, May 2007)

Chute Trim Tips (Anne and Dave Hansen, Rhett Simmonds)

Spreader Sweep (Chris MacMurray)

How to make an effective leeward rounding (Dirk Schwenk)

Upwind trim analysis (2005, Schwenk)

Good Crewing (Ben Stock, 2005)

Rigging and Restoration

Jet-14 Rigging w/Graphics (Dave and Dan Japikse, 2008)

Building a DM-1 Mast (Dirk Schwenk)

pdfRigging the Jibetech Jet (Ted Reshetiloff)860.52 KB

pdfParts needed to rig a Jibetech (TResh)101.5 KB

pdfTanking a Jet-14 (R. Hanson)1.19 MB

Safety and Recovery

Jet-14 Safety (R. Bruns, 2006)

Capsize Recovery (S. Michos 2006)

In Memorium

Peter Jones (d. 2016)