2012 Nationals

Lorain Sailing and Yacht Club, Lorain OH

August 15-18

Once again the Jet-14 Class was treated to another great event—the 2012 Nationals hosted by Lorain Sailing and Yacht Club on the beautiful waters of Lake Erie. Regatta chairpersons, Bryan and Tiffany Parker, along with the others from LSYC put on a great show both on and off the water. Their efforts were evident to all who attended. THANK YOU!

2012 Jet-14 Nationals Race CommitteeOf course you can’t have a great regatta without good attendance, and this year’s 25 entries showed an increase over past years. Most impressive were the 7 first-time nationals attendees (all competing for the coveted Novice Award), including Stuart Butcher/Kristen Mastrangelo (#1015), Michael and Ann Brock (#1158), Ron Anzlovar/Dan Gotti (#628), Barry and Eleanor Saunders (#962), Ernie Michaud/Anna Petronzio (#760), Charlie Bark/Katie Pickard (#1137), and Craig Kvale/Corey Wisniewski (#530). Craig and Corey won the Novice Award with an overall 9th place finish.

The regatta also brought back several “old timers” who had raced Jets years ago, and we had not seen in some time.  It was great to see Greg Koski, Bill Buckles, Dick Parker and Tim Parker again!

Also of note, 2 out of the 6 top boats were those built by our current builder, Allen Boatworks, and we hope to see more on the water soon.

Racing got underway with the Womens and Junior Nationals held in mostly light wind. Mike Gemperline and Tom Irwin bested Matt Japikse and Maggie Pokalsky for the Junior title, and the team of Karen Hugon and Ann Roessner won the Womens event. Nice sailing to all!

The National then took place over the next 3 days.

Day 1

3 races; Winds SW 8-18 knts. Dave and Sue Michos nailed the first race start, played the shifts perfectly, and never looked back as they pulled away from the fleet to get the win. It was evident they were fast, and forewarned the others of things to come. Marion Zaugg and Jacqueline Gedeon showed their same good speed in 2nd, and Greg Koski/Ian Moran hadn’t lost anything in his long absence with a close 3rd.  The Gemperline/Irwin Team looked like they got faster after the Juniors event, and won the next race in impressive fashion. Skip Dieball and Abby Freeman, sailing the Class boat (#1159) built by Allen Boatworks, took  3rd. The last race of the day was barely won by Team 558, with Team Parker closing in quickly. Not quite sure what they were doing to go so fast, but the Parkers made a big move from 6th to 2nd on the second beat, almost getting the lead. With the wind increasing, and several boats having capsized and/or retired, the RC called it a day.

The hard-luck story for the regatta belongs to Doug Brown and Susan Mallows from NJ. A back injury during race 1 forced them to retire after that race, and they could not go back out for the remainder of the regatta. Get well soon Doug!

Day 2

4 races; Winds NW 12-18 knts. A cold front had passed thru the area overnite, and the wind blowing over the water with the long fetch made for a bumpy ride. The boat-stopping waves and chop gave all a condition not normally seen. For the lighter crews, it was a fine line between depowering (by bending the mast and flattening sails) vs. keeping enough power in the rig to get up/over/thru the mountains of water. For the heavier crews, it was time to smile, and watch the lightweights suffer! Once again Team Michos got out to a fast start, and one did not want to be 2nd Place finishers Dave and Sue Michosnear them, as they would go over, under or thru you. They had the best upwind speed, and at the end of the day jumped to 2nd overall in the standings. Others taking a liking to the bigger breeze, and making more frequent appearances in the front of the fleet were the Bill Buckles/George Auer team, the Dick Parker/Jonathan Smith team, and Mike and Jon Chambers. Aggression on the starting line began to surface as Webmaster Chris Hennon with wife/Class Pres Paula picked up a dreaded OCS in race 6. At the end of the day the tired and wet fleet was glad to head for the harbor and some rest, but satisfied to have had another beautiful day of sailing.

A great dinner, the annual meeting, and a super auction (organized by Dave Michos) followed.

Day 3

2 races; Winds NNE 7-10 knts. Another great day, and one last chance to improve. But still some left over chop to slow one down. Team Zaugg/Gedeon led wire-to-wire in the first race of the day, showing impressive downwind speed to their already loaded arsenal. In the second race, the Barb Joudrey/Garth Boyd team showed their lighter air form, leading the race for a time, and eventually finishing 3rd. Team Koski/Moran had a great day with a 2-3. They, along with the Dieball/Freeman team, had the most consistent series. 

In the end Team 558 ended up on top, spurred on by the super efforts of crew Sarah Paisley. Although she has sailed in many other one-designs, and has won multiple championships, this was her first time in a Jet, and hopefully not her last. Dave and Sue Michos and Greg Koski/Ian Moran tied for 2nd,  with Team Michos winning the tie-breaker. They held on just enough on Day 3, as Koski/Moran put the pressure on with great finishes. Dave and Sue won the Husband/Wife Award, and Ian won the Youngest Sailor Award. 4th went to the always competitive Marion Zaugg and Jacqueline Gedeon. Bryan and Tiffany Parker were 5th, and were most likely distracted and exhausted by their fine efforts to run the event. Skip Dieball and Abby Freeman nabbed 6th, and the Class was fortunate to have them sail the Class boat, and do well. The team of Bill Buckles and George Auer took 7th, by way of a last race 6th, just edging out the Mike Gemperline/Tom Irwin team, who finished 8th. Unfortunately for Team Gemperline/Irwin, a few breakdowns most likely cost them a better final placing. Craig Kvale and Corey Wisniewski sailed a very consistent series to grab 9th, as well as the Novice Award, and Mike and Jon Chambers were consistent as well to get 10th, showing that pond sailors can do okay on the open water.

The President’s Fleet was very competitive with 7 boats in contention, and had Charlie Bark and Katie Pickard in 1st, edging out Ernie Michaud and Anna Petronzio in 2nd, with Barry and Eleanor Saunders in 3rd. Barry and Eleanor can’t wait for next year with the event close to them in North Carolina! Did somebody say hushpuppies, beans, barbecue…….?

Matt Japikse and Maggie Pokalsky won the Persistence Award, showing their good survival skills.

Seth Parker and Joe Minard won the Most Improved Award, getting 12th overall. Word has it Joe may be looking for a boat of his own.

A few more THANK YOU’S:

Dare we ponder MORE QUESTIONS for next year’s Nationals at Lake Norman:

1. What is a Tar Heel, and will we see one?

2. Will there be hushpuppies?

3. Will anyone from Annapolis make the trip?

4. Will the streak continue?

 - Brent Barbehenn #558

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