2017 Independence Day Regatta

July 1-2

Lake Norman Yacht Club, Mooresville, NC

The wind was great for the first day at Lake Norman for 1-2 July 2017. We only had two boats this year; Lenny/Caswell and Tom/Paula. But this did not discourage the tough competition between these two boats as these two sailing teams have been trading positions all year.

The RC decided it would be great to have us start with the Flying Scots. The first race witnessed four lead changes. Both Tom/Paula and Lenny/Caswell headed to far right to pick up a lift from the shore line. Initially Tom was able to out point Lenny and took the lead on port. Lenny made some minor adjustments and on starboard was able to get ahead of Tom by the windward mark. With great spinnaker work by Paula they passed Lenny/Caswell in the last third of downwind leg. Lenny/Caswell was able to pass Tom/Paula on the starboard tack and immediately sailed right into a hole allowing Tom/Paula to gain the advantage again. Tom/Paula crossed the finish line a ½ boat length in front of Lenny/Caswell. The Jet-14 finished behind the first two Flying Scots.

The second race saw Tom/Paula go right similar to the first race and Lenny/Caswell stayed left. Lenny/Caswell rounded the windward mark first behind the first two Flying Scots but right ahead of three other Flying Scots. Lenny was trying to avoid being rolled by three Flying Scots and was forced to go high while Tom was able to sail straight downwind allowing him to make up considerable ground. At the downwind mark two Flying Scots were getting into an overlap argument in front of Lenny while heading to the port gate. Lenny decided to go to the gate on the right side to avoid the potential conflict. The port gate was the favorable gate and by the time Tom got there the Flying Scots had rounded the gate and this allowed Tom/Paula to squeak ahead of Lenny/Caswell. Lenny/Caswell was able to cross ahead of Tom/Paula on starboard about a 100 yards before the finish line. Lenny finished about 1 second in front of Tom. The Jet-14s finished behind the first two Flying Scots.

There was no sailing on Sunday due to no wind. Lake Norman always hosts a great July 4th Regatta with dinner, band, swimming, Fireworks Display and dancing with plenty of room to camp.

Jet -14s will be sailing at the Lake Norman Labor Day Regatta September 2-3 2017. I hope we can get some out of state boats here. There is a rumor that 2018 Jet-14 Nationals will be held at Lake Norman.

- Lenny Wells (#1130)


Sail  Skipper Crew Race 1 Race 2 Total
1130  Lenny Wells Caswell Kern 2 1 3
 717 Tom Grace Paula Pacheco 1 2 3