2016 Mohican Chiefs Regatta

May 28-29
Mohican Sailing Club

The weather forecast was nothing to write home about.  Hot humid, 0-5 knots with 40% chance of rain both days.

So, 2-8 knots with the rain holding off until we got to the dock at the end of the day was not so bad, and maybe even a little better Sunday morning, with out the rain, was a pleasant surprise.

We ended up with 13 boats, maybe one or so fewer than we hoped but a great crowd.  Old bald guys like me and some new faces, the best part always.  Jonathan Maude was down for his first Jet-14 regatta in his new to him #1051.  PJ Blonski arrived with the effervescent Olivia Moran, they just plain got faster every race.  Seth Parker was down with Shao as crew........Seth insisted Shao does not have a last name.........."like Cher, Marion."  Dave and Sue Michos arrived as the band was playing the "Stars Spangle Banner" just before the first race, Memorial Day Weekend you might note. 

Thank you to Bridget Ireland, Barb Joudrey and Karen Hugon and others that brought great desserts.  Thank you to my sister Barb who got up before 6:00 a.m. on Sunday to help me in the kitchen with the He-Man.

Stewart FitzGibbon got everyone registered and then Mike and Jon Chambers treated everyone to a great hot Ham lunch, and we were off, 1-3 knots out of the west, not good, but as I said we were expecting less. 

Bryan and Tiffany Parker led at the first mark with Nate Ireland and Ben Stock 2 feet behind.  Nate and Ben immediately made their move for a passing land quickly enough they ran over their spinnaker.  Two little ones are not better than one so it was into the dock to fetch a backup.  The backup was a pretty good choice as they then raked up two firsts, a second and fourth to close out the Saturday racing.  Good but just barely better than the Parkers first, two seconds and a fifth.  Yoga Man Dave Michos, Making Richard Simmons look like Refrigerator Perry, with Sue calling the angles, refused to be intimidated by the famous Mohican conditions.  They were very consistent with four thirds on their way to third overall. 

Perhaps the most consistent sailing was by Bridget Ireland and George Auer, always at the front of the fleet and all their finishes 3-6, good for 4th overall.  PJ and Olivia as I mentioned began Saturday in the 8th to 9th zone.  But after Olivia schooled everyone at the He-Man Breakfast, with three full trips to the grill,  It was a 2nd and 5th in Sunday's improving conditions.  PJ was flummoxed..."every time I offer to cook she says she can't eat GMO's or anything that looks and smells inorganic"......

Dan Reiber and Karen Hugon just sailed well with just one finish out of the top ten.  My sister Barb came out smoke'n, trading the lead with the fleets best in race one to start off with a well sailed 4th.  An equipment breakdown took her out of a legitimate shot at the top five.  Seth..."isn't that the same thing Marion was supposed to have repaired last Year???" 

After digging out from a crummy start Mike and Jon Chambers led for most of Race 3, one light spot on the final run gave them a very well deserved 2nd.  While it pains me to admit this, Seth Parker and Shao were sailing with the best of them most of the weekend.  They put up a 5th in the first race and then in the third race they shot out to a fifty yard lead on the first beat only to sail off the right side of the course because Seth thought the guy on the Zero Turn mower over there might be Bernie Sanders.........

Stewart FitzGibbon continued showing great speed as he single handed #1161 Saturday.  Our new guests Jonathan Maude with Jonathan Smith Crewing Saturday, and son Nick Maude crewing Sunday was clearly familiar with the One-Design sailing game and as they get familiar with the Jet and find better speed they clearly will be in the mix.  Tom Wills borrowed my nephew Paul's #324 and single handed her Sunday to boot.  It was great having him with us on the water and as the most important boat in any fleet, the one at the bottom of the standings, showed everyone how to have just as much fun as anyone.  Well done Tom.

And if I may, my warmest thanks to my niece Anne, who gave me two days of her holiday weekend, two days she really had other things she would have been happy to do.  Thank you Sweetheart.

The season is still young.  Hope to see you all soon, Marion Zaugg

Mohican Chiefs Race
1132  M. Zaugg  A. Joudrey  1 3 3 5 1 1 2 16
1135  B. Parker  T. Parker  2 2 5 1 2 5 1 18
217  D. Michos  S. Michos 4 6 3 5 3 3 27
1147 B. Ireland G. Auer 6 6 4 4 3 4 4 31
1134 N. Ireland B. Stock DNF 1 1 2 4 7 6 34
1126 PJ Blonski O. Moran 8 5 8 6 9 2 5 43
884  D. Reiber K. Hugon 7 8 12 8 6 9 8 58
94 B. Joudrey J. Ebenhoh 4 9 7 11 DNF 8 7 59
1133  M. Chambers J. Chambers 10 10 2 10 DNF 9 8 62
1076 S. Parker Shao 5 10 13 7 7 10 10 62
1161 S. FitzGibbon Mark 9 7 9 9 DNF 11 DNF 71
1051 J. Maude J. Smith/N. Maude 11 12 11 13 8 13 11 79
324 T. Willis G. Ebenhoh 12 13 10 12 10 12 12 81

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